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The Foothills at Carlsbad

Hello Foothills Neighbors,

Below is a list of service providers recommended by you and your neighbors in the Foothills community on Nextdoor.com.  I will keep the list updated for future reference.  All recommendations must come from a local neighbor on Nextdoor.  


Julie Han, Broker Associate



Air Conditioning

Cool Air Solutions

(951) 676-2665

Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning

James Sherlock

(760) 431-8075


Appliance Repair


Yingst Appliance

(760) 726-4880



Recommended by Tricia A.


Recommended by:  Mary Ann H.






Recommended by Ray S.



Barbara Stewart

(760) 436-9645



(760) 505-6152


Backflow Certification



AA Farnsworth, Oceanside         

(760) 473-5304 

Delta Valve and Backflow

(760) 822-9149

Ron Gaukel

(760) 510-9569                                                 


Hanna Plumbing

(760) 726-2002 

Pacific Backflow

(800) 603-4467


(619) 316-5040



Recommended by: Shaun S.



Recommended by: Mike S.





Recommended by:  Steve M., Jennifer R., Tim D.



Recommended by:  Tim D., Laura P.


Recommended by:  Julie B., Matt and Liz C.



Recommended by:  Tom F., Richard S.


Recommended by:  Chris D.


Recommended by:  Sahar and Sohail K., Paul M., Tim D.







Mario Campos

(760) 685-1620




Jason Bohanan

(858) 663-1399


Paul Lewis

(657) 201-0052



Carpet Cleaning

Genie's Steam Clean (Nasser)

(619) 274-0773

Walburn's Carpet Cleaning (Allan)

(760) 632-0754


Christmas Light Hanging


Lowell Wexler

(760) 214-7116



Computer Services


Kyle Hagerty

(408) 890-6012


Concrete Contractor


Albert Cruz Concrete

(760) 716-4142


Wild Cat Construction

Lorenzo Perez

(760) 533-6067



Boardwalk Construction

Craig Bortman

(805) 901-9848





Recommended by: Bob H.





Recommended by: Perry R.




Recommended by: Dan S.




Recommended by: Bill R.


Recommended by: Darlee W.




Recommended by: Paul M.






Recommended by: Diana H.





Recommended by:  Kevin M.



Recommended by:  Raj R.






Recommended by: Michael S.






Big Future

(760) 744-3900

Carlsbad Country Day School

(760) 804-0550

The Goddard School

(760) 730-9450

Kindercare, Oceanside

(760) 940-2008

Montessori School, Oceanside

(760) 941-3883

Sheila’s Family Day Care

(760) 729-1126




Geoffrey Bell

(760 729-8500

Steven Beuligmann

(760) 729-5964

La Costa Dental Group

(760) 436-2452

Jeff Kuntsen

(760) 438-8353

Curtis McRae

(760) 757-5057

Gregory Staffon

(760) 691-1046


Dog Sitter


(760) 438-8878


Dog Trainer

Cathy Mayer, Take the Lead Dog Training

(760) 917-5976


Colleen Demling, Pawtopia

(858) 414-7797





Recommended by:  Kelli S.


Recommended by:  Donna J.


Recommended by: Keira W.


Recommended by:  Moe A.


Recommended by:  Paul P.


Recommended by:  Riaz Z.





Recommended by: Lori C.


Recommended by: Stuart H., Steve M., and Dipa and Matt M.


Recommended by: Jeff H.


Recommended by : Julie B.


Recommended by: Emily F.


Recommended by: Sandy D




Recommended by: Donna F.




Recommended by: Keira W.



Recommended by:  Tim K.




Kevin McConville

(619) 385-1510

John Dudek

(760) 270-5574


Dan McFall

(760) 754-8047



Dan Morones

(760) 807-7997



Extreme Electric

(760) 807-7688


Paul Buscema

(760) 791-3634


Kevin Shea

(760) 587-7077


Charles Vierick



Petrovic Electric, Mike

(760) 310-1464

West Coast Electric Solutions

Chris Bailey

(858) 565-7897


Epoxy Flooring

Jim Bordier

(760) 941-3329

Eric Royer

(760) 420-4005

Eye Doctor                      


Dr. Allison Pierce    



Dr. Stemley  





Recommended by:  Paul H.


Recommended by: Liming W.



Recommended by: Margie F.




Recommended by:  Mike D.



Recommended by:  Paul M.




Recommended by: Bill R.



Recommended by:  Ginny G.



Recommended by:  Jim S.



Recommended by: Rachel F.


Recommended by:  Dan G.





Recommended by: Ron D.


Recommended by: Maria A.




Recommended by: Alex & Christine L. and Jennifer R.


Recommended by: Yaz B

Foothills HOA

Kelee Thompson, Community Manager

The Prescott Companies

(760) 634-4700




Bonifacio Santos

(760) 908-2136

Genero Sanchez

(760) 521-2566

Orlando's Landscaping

(760) 802-4493

General Contractor


Mike Swahn

(760) 271-7999






Recommended by: Mike H.



Recommended by: Keitha W.


Recommended by: Mike D.




Recommended by: Tasha S.










(619) 778-3488

Jason Bohannon                        

(760) 490 - 6055

Jim Bordier                        

(760) 941-3329

Juan Carlos

(760) 421-3208

Fernando Diaz

(760) 716-6778

Adam Doty

(760) 889-3149

Paul Lewis

(657) 201-0052

Home Inspector


David Kates

The Home Inspector

(760) 944-7587


Paul Macko

Quality Assured Home Inspections

(760) 727-4227


Dennis Scalise



Bill Van Tassel

Sen Spec Inspection

(760) 720-7125



Home Security


(760) 438-0070

Home Warranty

American Home Shield

Rick Bright

(760) 889-7162



(760) 215-3533

Carlos and Ofelia

(760) 579-8356


(760) 532-5504

Endira Gonzales

(760) 305-8345


(760) 458-1257

Luisa Guadarrama

(760) 803-8452

Margarita's House Cleaning

(760) 500-3720

Mercedes Ramos

(760) 716-0101

Maria Pasqual

(760) 421-3208


(760) 845-1633

Raymunda Rojas

(760) 613-7152

West Coast Maintenance

(760) 632-9111



Recommended by: Len F.


Recommended by: Perry R.



Recommended by: Ron D., Julie H.


Recommended by:  Doreen S.


Recommended by: Julann L.


Recommended by: Sherri D., Paul M.


Recommended by: Davide M.





Recommended by:  Julie H., Bill R.




Recommended by: Darlee W.



Recommended by: Monty J.



Recommended by: Julie H.






  Recommended by: Stuart H. and Patti H.




Recommended by: Julie H., Stuart H., Bill R.



Recommended by: Lyn L. 


Recommended by:  Ginny G., Fred K. 


 Recommended by: Adel G.


Recommended by:  Monty J, Chris D 


Recommended by: Ingrid K., Nicole V.


 Recommended by:  Emily F.


 Recommended by: Julie H.


Recommended by: Keitha W.


Recommended by:  Paul P., Doreen S.


Recommended by: Lorena A.


Recommended by:  Tim D. 


Recommended by: Brian K, Dipa M.



Kitchen Drawers


Pro Slide Out

(866) 754-3368






Recommended by: Stuart H.






Alpine Landscaping

Greg Oliver

(760) 914-2612



(760) 310-0359

Arcenio Aquino

(760) 712-8785


Cruz Landscaping

(760) 967-1363

Fantastic Pools and Landscape

(858) 583-1797


Falling Waters Landscape

(858) 847-2525

Green Expressions, Jose Baca, George Zamora

(619) 750-9912 /(760) 653-9467

Greenland Landscaping

Jay Pebdami

(760) 889-9000

Hamilton Design Group

Scott Hamilton

(760) 277-1500


Harmony Landscape

Weston Barnes



Jaimes Landscaping

(760) 936-7519



(760) 533-6067


Lugo Gardening Maintenance


(760) 536-3838

Luis Garcia

(760) 814-3295

James Shepherd

(858) 598-7921


Omega Pavers

Jason Smith

(760) 458-0156


Outdoor Living Creations


(760) 726-3771

Pablo's Landscape Services

(760) 744-2542

Patios Plus

Fred Hodges

(760) 724-2400

Wolverton Landscapes

Loren Wolverton

(760) 535-8121

Genaro Sanchez

(760) 521-2566


(760) 908-2136

Landscape Lighting

David Kier

(760) 458-3345

Mike Geier, Landscape Designs

(619) 733-7338 

Lawn Mowing


FS Landscaping


(760) 484-7365


Oscar Estrada

(760) 535-2626





Recommended by:  Cat E., Nicki M., Kate C., Lori C., Mitch F.


Recommended by:  David N.


Recommended by:  Kanna R.



Recommended by: Tricia A.


Recommended by: Jan R., Marti C.



Recommended by: Lisa P.


Recommended by:  Steven C., Jay W., Michelle S.,

Raluca S., Linda E.

Recommended by:  Bill R.



Recommended by: Dipa M., Dave C., Sheri H.





Recommended by:  Brandon S.




Recommended by: Andrea S.



Recommended by:  Raj R.



Recommended by:  Tricia A.



Recommended by: Christen F.


Recommended by: Shirley



Recommended by:  Billy M., Stuart H.




Recommended by: Richard S., James Z., Dick S.

Monique, and George H.


Recommended by: Shelley D.


Recommended by:  Paul H.



Recommended by:  Katherine S., Steve M., Margie F., Jim S.


Recommended by: Keitha W.


Recommended by:  Ingrid K.


Recommended by: Christina T.



Recommended by: Jonathan C.




Recommended by:  Benda Y.




Recommended by:  Gaby S.



A-I Auto Carlsbad

(760) 729-5234

Carlsbad Automotive Technology

(760) 729-9323

Legends Auto

(760) 637-5090

Pep Boys

(760) 724-2726

Premier Auto, San Marcos

(760) 591-3900

RC Auto and Smog, Vista

(760) 758-0221

Outdoor Kitchens

Green Expressions, George Zamora

(760) 653-9467

Innovative Outdoor Kitchens, Alicia Marshall

(858) 663-3338




Recommended by: Tom and Linda F., Barb W.


Recommended by: Chris D.


Recommended by: Paul D. and Laura P.


Recommended by: Triesta S.


Recommende by: Alex and Christine L., Kannan R.


Recommended by: Emily F.



Recommended by: Jay W.


Recommended by: Shelby B.






(949) 742-1523

Sal Concha

(858) 437-2453

Sam Rogers, SR Painting

(858) 945-7059

Matt Nowels Painting

(760) 213-0838


(760) 492-3451

Scott Sunseri

(760) 295-9310


(760) 805-5675


(619) 587-7905

Jonathan Williams

(760) 433-9590


Palm Trees

Solana Select Palms



Plantation Shutters


Abbey Carpets

(760) 757-5033


The Drapery Shop

(760) 208-2392 Lewis

(760) 505-1968



(951) 757-4199



Landmark Pavers


Omega Pavers

(760) 458-0156


Wolverton Landscapes

Loren Wolverton

(760) 535-8121


Pest Control

Gaines Pest Control


Home Guard


(760) 690-2260

Home Team Pest Defense


(858) 547-4308


Pest Inspectors

Bill Howell, Western Exterminators 

(760) 855-1984


Don Hendrickson

(760) 745-1005

Integrity Plus Plumbing

Nick Kimball

(760) 434-3008

North County Plumbing

(760) 735-4900




  Recommended by: Amanda S.


 Recommended by: Bill R.


Recommended by: Julie H.


Recommended by: Kevin and Alecia M., Lauren F., Diana M.


Recommended by: Holly R.


Recommended by: Keitha W.,


Recommended by: Keira W., Jason P., Linda G.


Recommended by: Heather S.


Recommended by: Steve M.





Recommended by:  John K.





Recommended by:  Pamela T.



Recommended by:  Andrea S., Katherine S.




Recommended by:  Kate C.



Recommended by: Elaine T.


Recommended by: Billy M., Jason W., Stuart H., Don L.



Recommended by:  Steve M., Perry R., Mary Ann H.





Recommended by: Shelley D. 


Recommended by:  Andrea S., Darlee W.  



Recommended by:  Patti H., Stuart H., Katherine S., Karen J., Steve M., Paul D., Linda Z., Cat E.


 Recommended by: Perry R. Todd S.


 Recommended by: Julie Han


Recommended by: Keitha W.


Recommended by: Triesta S., Mary Ann H.



Recommended by: Kerry O.







Rain Gutters


San Diego Rain Gutters





Recommended by:  John G.



Screen Doors

Coast Screen Shop

Joe Orlando (760) 753-7651


Screen Lady

 (760) 431-1052

Solar Companies

Cosmic Solar


Natural Energy




Sunline Energy




Recommended by: Stuart H.



Recommended by: Patti H., Diana N.



Recommended by: Armando S.


Recommended by: Diana H.


Recommended by: Richard S.


Recommended by: Chantal B.





Maheen’s Tailoring

(760) 438-0441


Easy Turf

(866) 327-9887





Recommended by:  Kate C., Toshiko H.



Recommended by: Lori C.



Water Heater Flushing

Ed Forbes

(760) 994-0733

*special rate for Foothills residents

Window Cleaning

Kyle Dasher

(858) 213-7975

101 Windows, Danny Cannis

(760) 533-3963


Clear Choice Window Cleaning

Matt Beebe

(760) 707-9568


Clearly for Windows

(858) 354-4759

 Greg Newell

(760) 434-5560

Pacific Window Washing (Zac)

(760) 450-2135


New Vista Co.

(760) 696-5375


Ocean View Window Cleaning, Scott Hobbs

(760) 500-7457


Craig La Rose

(760) 458-1786




Recommended by: Bill R., Julie H., Shirley T, 




Recommended by: Patti H. 


 Recommended by:  Perry R



 Recommended by:  Steve M., Bill M., Colleen L. 




Recommended by:  Paul M.


Recommended by:  Bala D., Patricia P.


Recommended by:  Lynn L.



Recommended by:  Fred K.



Recommended by:  Mary Ann H., Paul M., Guy S.



Recommended by:  Blake B.



*****Information Deemed Reliable but not Guaranteed****